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Preplanning your funeral

Magnolia Room

Many people have started planning their funerals themselves.   There are several benefits to doing this. It alleviates the stress that family members go through trying to figure out what their loved one’s wishes are. It also gives surviving family members the ability to start the grieving process sooner. So many families cannot start grieving due […]

Where to begin, when you have experienced the death of a loved one

Peacock Room

When you have experienced a death of a loved one and you are left with responsibilities but do not know where to begin. Here is general list of things that you and your family may need to take care of: Deceased Will (Probate) Probate is the legal process of executing a will. You’ll need to […]

What you need to know about Social Security Benefits

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SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS Olde Towne Funeral Home will notify Social Security through our electronic death registration system when we produce the death certificate for your loved one. Please note: Even though we notify the Social Security Administration the family will still need to call and apply to receive any benefits. ELIGIBILITY Not everyone qualifies for […]